June 16, 2005

Young Stones

Keith and Mick Posted by Hello

Love this early photo of the two most enduring rock n rollers ever to live. Some bands look a bit pathetic out there trying to re-live the past and entertain us as if they were still "hot". But in my opinions the Stones have it and never lost it. Can't wait to see them for the 5th time.

Update: I am very sad to announce that I can not afford tickets to see Mick and the guys one final time. Ticketmaster and the ticket scalpers of the world have made it nearly impossible for an average person to be able to afford decent seats - that is IF - they can even GET TICKETS in the first place!

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David said...

you have done nicely with your layout and design. I am in So cal also
and like to write.
Keep it going on.

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