June 23, 2005

George Harrison Posted by Hello

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blupken said...


It's ye old blupken again. Hey thanks for your comment on my blog last night. You are the first! I really appreciate it. Yes it is my first blog and I just started it last month. The formatting is pretty generic for now. I just right streams of consciousness about as fast as I can type. I never think about what to write until I touch the keyboard.

Now, back to this posting on good old George. He was the underrated Beatle. He clearly was as talented as John or Paul. Although I was always a John fan right to the nasty end, my wife fell in love with George the first time he appeared on Ed Sullivan. She remains crazy about him to this day, God rest his soul. I only know one person who actually saw the Beatles live and that happens to be my wife. But she saw them not once but TWICE. How to like that? Well anyway, My Guitar is Gently Weeping so I must go now. You are really good at the blog stuff. I have a lot to learn. Thanks again. blupken

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