June 23, 2005

The Band

The Last Waltz

According to guitarist Robbie Robertson, Bob Dylan's backup band resisted all conformity, even naming their ensemble. After getting their own recording contract, the record company pressed them for a group name, but had to settle for simply The Band. I think that's the perfect name for them: Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Richard Manuel, Garth Hudson, and Robbie Robertson.

Richard Manuel passed away in '87, RIP.
Rick Danko
passed away in '99, RIP.

A good friend of mine who is also a bass player knew Rick and says this: "He was one of the best and most original bass players of all time, plus he had a great voice and one of the kindest hearts ever".

If you have never seen the film "The Last Waltz" please do yourself a favor and rent it. Do you recognize the people in the photo above? There were so many performers I can't list them all here (maybe later). In this photo:

Check it out, here are the people above and their film credits. Dr. John, Neil Diamond, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Rick Danko, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan and Robbie Robertson in United Artists' The Last Waltz


Layla said...

TJ, Please post your story about meeting Rick Danko and some of the other guys in the band!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the Last Waltz is one of the greatest rock movies out there!

If you are a band fan, you should watch out for a new CD coming out entitled, "Endless Highway: Tribute to the Band". It's being put out by 429 records and it features a few great artists such as the Allman Brothers and My Morning Jacket doing some really great covers!

Anonymous said...

I just heard about that too. Death Cab for Cutie and Guster have some songs on there too. It sounds like a great line up for a tribute! I just listened to some of the songs online. I think the site was www.429records.com/endless highway. If you like The Band as much as me...this is a record I've been looking out for, for a while.

Sam said...

Doesn't get much better than The Last Waltz. Their set with Ronnie Hawkins is priceless.

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