June 1, 2005

Rock Sites

Found some new sites you may enjoy!!!

Great photos of rock legends (these are for purchase...some great shots! you MUST check out the 1968 photo of the world's greatest rock band, they were babies back then!)

Really great classic rock site fun to browse. If you take one of their trivia tests and score over 50% I want to hear about it! I usually ace those things, but theirs are all tough!

Want some real rock news? This is the site to visit.

Mis-heard Lyrics - funny! Named after the most famous rock n roll misheard lyric by Jimi Hendrix "scuze me while I kiss this guy". Gotta love it.

Need lyrics? Look no further, Lyrics Freak has them ALL

Want walk down memory lane (if your my age that is) check out this site it's about old songs that we tend to forget about...

Reason to Rock: Rock Music as Art Form A must-see resource! Just the section on "Artists" is worth looking at, but the whole site is EXCELLENT!

CLASSICROCK-STARTPAGINA.NL Your start on the internet This has tons of classic rock info, lyrics, photos, downloads, fesitvals, you name it...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Layla...I think your spending too much time on the computer :)


joel said...

O yeah, jesus rocks! haha im having a delema with band names :( everything that i choose is takin. from equinox, to eclipse.. all i want is a good classic rock name ne ideas?

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