April 26, 2005


Reason to Rock: Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

I LOVE this website and have linked to it before. Here is someone else's "review" of one of the greatest songs ever recorded LIVE or otherwise. Seeing this song performed live is one of my musical highlights every time Bruce does it. Here is a small sample of what this insightful person had to say:

"This song has it all. The lyrics are funny, personal and idiosyncratic, bringing you into touch with real people and real situations. The song describes liberation from parents, from traditional social structures, from the boring world of adult toil, and into authentic love, community, adventure and art. The structure of the song is fluid and full of surprises, liberating itself from traditional forms as it goes. The playing of the band is strong and supple. The instruments are as restless as the singer, yet moving in perfect sympathy and synchronicity with him. Together they perform as one cohesive unit, yet with room for all the individual parts, and allowing them all full freedom of expression.

This is rock music at its best."


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