April 3, 2005

The Pink Floyd Archives home page

Drugs. That's that I think off when I think of Pink Floyd. I love David Gilmore, I loved their music (don't listen much anymore).

Pink Floyd took me to another dimension, literally. May 1977, Anaheim Stadium, The Animals Tour, red wine, LSD, lying on the grass, watching the huge inflated animals floating overhead, listening to Comfortably Numb and Wish you Were Here, Jon, Kathy, Scott, Frans. I never wanted that concert to end.


Anonymous said...

ok to be perfectly honest im fifteen and to me pink floyd means the world to me. everyday i begin and end the day with some floyd in my ears. And if i had only been at that concert i would have died and gone into another world that coexists with pink floyd

brianbroedell said...

awesome point.

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