April 13, 2005

Rolling Stones

the bad boys from Britian Posted by Hello

Rolling Stones - Keno's ROLLING STONES Web Site

Once again, my buddy Keno has a cool website. He thinks the Stones are the best rock band ever...I'd have to agree. (note: this is the fourth band I have called "THE greatest", I guess I can't make up my mind)

I have loved Mick and the band since I was a kid. My parents said he was UGLY but I had posters on my wall and still think he's a doll to this day. No laser or face lifts for Jagger...the wrinkles only make him look wiser.

If you read anything else I have written you know that the above contradicts my previous statement that Zep is the best (and U2, and Springsteen), but in my mind there are categories of rock n roll. The Stones represent, to me, Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll.

Zeppelin represents the Mystically Passionate Enlightened Energy that can only come from deep inside one's own mind while being transported to another place without leaving the floor (the best place to listen to them). LSD optional.

U2 is Spirituality, Passion, Art, Genius - music that goes beyond style or genre or generation, it's just so damn meaningful, beautiful and/or fun.

And Bruce, well he's just good old Bruce. To know him for over 20 years I can't help but love the guy. See my post about him for more of why I think he's one of the greatest performers of all time.


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