January 27, 2009

My Review of Working on a Dream

First I want to than Arbell for sending me a pre-release copy (I didn't get it till today, but am I complaining - no, I'm not).

Second, I'd like to refer you all to Pete's, Blogness on the Edge of Town, because he's done a post on how the reviews are causing Springsteen fan's brains to explode. Its a good read.

My personal thoughts:


For some reason I wasn't expecting much. Ya'all know how much I love Bruce and think he can do no wrong, I admit that. But I also have to admit that a part of me was wondering if he was having a late mid-life crisis and trying to crank out another record so soon after "Magic". I was thinking "No, Bruce, don't produce something mediocre and ruin your reputation....what if this is not good enough???? What if its too soon?"

Silly me to doubt my man. Almost all the songs are superb.

I will finish this later - mother duty calls

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Jeff said...

"Queen of the Supermarket" can't be the worst song ever, only because it's one of the funniest songs ever!

Bond said...

I just got mine from Arbell yesterday and will be putting my review up tomorrow. Been listening today while at work

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