January 11, 2009

congrats, Bruce!

As predicted by many (including me) it seems that Bruce Springsteen won a Golden Globe for his song, The Wrestler.

The show hasn't even aired yet (in my time zone) but the best source for Bruce news, Backstreets, has his acceptance speech posted:

“All right! This is, uh, the only time I’m gonna be in competition with Clint Eastwood, I know that for sure. Felt pretty good, too. *giggles* Anyway, Mickey called me in Ireland and he asked me for, uh, some music, he told me a little bit about the character, he said some people invest themselves in their pain and they turn away from love and the things that strengthen and nurture their lives. He said this was a guy that didn’t figure, hadn’t figured that out. So I said well, I know a couple of those guys. And so, the song. So uh, first and foremost I’d like to thank Mickey. Without the call I wouldn’t have written the song. Without his inspiration. Thank you brother, for a beautiful performance, thank you. Thanks for thinking of me. Um, like to thank Darren and all the folks involved with the film for letting me be a small part of their picture, thank you. Uh, love to my strong and lovely wife Patti, and hello to Evan, Jess, and Sam at home. Happy birthday Big Man, Clarence Clemons!”
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John Sully said...

Great Movie, Great Song, Great Blog!
Congrats Bruce!!

John Sully Universe

Jeff said...

The Wrestler was a fantastic movie, and the song was good too. I'm happy to see it won.

Jeff said...

Layla, did you hear that both Bono and Bruce are playing Obama's inauguration party? That's your dream show!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Hey Jonn! I agree.

Jeff, yes I heard and I am trying to figure out how I will watch it!

Starrlight said...

All of U2 is playing is what I have heard. Oh and their new single drops next Tuesday =) Get Your Boots On.

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