January 23, 2009

Life Itself

"Life Itself" is becoming a favorite of mine from the new "Working on a Dream" CD. In case you didn't know you can hear all the new songs on NPR.

I miss talking about music.

Here's a personal question for any of you who care to answer:

Is it important to you that your spouse/partner/significant other share your passion for music?

My answer: My last serious boyfriend liked music. Period. End of story. He liked music. That's sort of like saying "I like sex". There's not a whole lot of passion behind the statement. So when I would hear a song come on the radio and point out a guitar solo or something special that, MOVED ME, got me EXCITED, etc. - he would say "yeah that's nice".

It drove me nuts. Luckily I had others in my life to discuss music with, but oh how wonderful it would be to have a man in my life that LOVED music, that was PASSIONATE about it.

I mean can you imagine listening to Pink Floyd and having someone say "that was nice"? NICE!??

Sorry, I just had to express this today.


Unholy_Diver said...

Since I have no SO, it's a moot point, but if I did, having the same passion for music as I do wouldn't be a requirement, but it'd be a really nice thing to share.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I don't have a Sig. Other either. I wouldn't mind if someone didn't have THE SAME passion for it as I do...but some would be nice :)

Jessica said...

Of course! :)

Isorski said...

I think it is very important. My wife has all sorts of tastes that I do NOT share (hip hop for example), and the same in reverse (she's not a big metal fan, really) but there is enough crossover to be on the same page most of the time and not fight in the car over radio stations.

And we will often turn each other onto stuff that we'd never discover on our own. I have been in other relationships that are not like this and didn't find them as satisfying.

Mike said...

you know my answer!!!

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