November 11, 2008

Its Time to Get Rippled!

Tomorrow night is my favorite Blog Talk Radio show - The Ripple Effect. Tomorrow night the guys have a special guest, Cy Curnin from The Fixx. Tune in to hear:

"The best music you're not listening to. Reviews of lost classics and obscure titles. Unheralded bands and songwriters. New bands deserving of greater attention. It's all here, on the Ripple Effect." This episode promises to be a scorcher as we're welcoming a very special guest to take control of things during the second hour. His name is Cy Curnin and he sings for The Fixx (ever hear of them?) The first hour will feature the typical frivolity from Racer X and Pope John the Enforcer, so tune in early and stay 'til the end.
Tune in at 8pm PST!
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David Amulet said...

I've always had a soft spot for The Fixx, more because of their lesser hits (like "Secret Separation," "Saved by Zero," and "Are We Ourselves?") than for their smash "One Thing Leads To Another."

Didn't I see on a "Where Are They Now?" show that Cy Curnin turned to hat design after The Fixx split?

Seano said...

Cy Curnin is def not hurting for cash. Saved by Zero is being used in a car commercial(ad nauseum during football)....I'll tune in!

The RIpple Effect said...

Hey gang . . . thanks for the interest and, in advance, tuning into the show! Layla . . . thanks for posting!

We'll do our best not to sound like complete and utter idiots.


Perplexio said...

Might I also recommend, for online music podcasting-- Inside Musicast.

Rick Such and Eddy Cabello are excellent interviewers and they tend to interview musician's musicians. The musicians that may not be well known by the general listening public but are held in high regard by their peers. They're taking a few months off for the holidays and to schedule interviews and programming for 2009, but you can download previous podcasts from the link I included above.

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