October 1, 2008

The Ripple Effect on the Radio, with special guest...me!

I just got off the air with Pope, Racer and Boston - the guys from the The Ripple Effect blog - one of the best music blogs on-line.

When they asked me to be a guest on their show I was flattered but scared....me, on the radio? NO WAY! I would make an @ss of myself, I'm a "written-word" kinda girl. But how could I turn down a request from these musical connoisseurs? I admire their ability to FIND GREAT MUSIC plus they are so funny and, underneath the humor, very professional with their show.

"Catch the best music you're not listening to on the Ripple Effect. Now every other week on internet radio. Wednesday night 9 pm Ripple (pacific) time. Hit button for details."
Listen to The Ripple Effect on internet talk radio

So thanks, guys, it was so much fun and you helped me through!

They asked me to bring three songs for them to play and I chose:

"Songs for Boys" by U2 off their first album "Boy"
"Come Home" by Back Door Slam off their first (and only so far) album
"Suddenly Wonderful" by MIGGS, one of my favorite bands that you may have never heard of...yet

I had so much fun talking to those guys. If you want to discover new music their blog is a great place to go to read reviews and the radio show is an excellent place to hear their weekly selections.

The guys said some incredibly generous things about my blog and compared it to a local bar where people stopped in after work to say hi, chat with each other and see what was new. I can't think of a higher compliment! THANKS AGAIN FOR HAVING ME!

Just listened to the interview - I don't like how I came across when they complimented my blog...I was stunned by their kind words and trying not to sound all emotional (a typical response for me) so instead I came across kind of BLAH like "oh thanks, guys". I will learn for next time to not THINK, to just BE and hopefully it will go better. :)
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Starrlight said...

EXCELLENT U2 choice!

The RIpple Effect said...

It was a great time last night! We must get you back on the air with us soon! Start thinking of your next three choices.

Now, scoot over, I'm pulling up a stool at your bar. I'm looking forward to a good night of music chat, grapefruit beer, pizza, bad jokes, impressions and cat benchpressing.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks Starr!

Ripple, your guys ROCK my world! It was too fun!! Ready for the fruity beer, pizza and jokes!

Jessica said...

I going to listen in a few! :)

Malcolm said...

You did a good job on The Ripple Effect. I esp. liked that U2 song that you selected. I also liked your line about the tip jar. Good stuff.

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