April 20, 2008

The Perfect Answer to the Question "why do I feel so bad about Danny dying?"

I've mourned several of my favorite musicians over the years. It was understandable to feel that way about Stevie Ray, Michael, John, Marvin, Freddy and George - because I listened to them and admired them and they brought me a lot of great music. But I was surprised at how sad I felt hearing the news of Danny Federici's death, and the sadness is lingering. My "brother in Bruce", Pete, addressed this very thing today in his very poignant post:

Missing Danny


Editor said...

Unfortunately, our mortality is showing....more and more everyday.

It's so unfortunate because the musicians who are passing have arguably been the ones who came to the table with some great music.

Really, besides U2, who in the last 25 years has been discovered (and if someone says Kurt Cobain, Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey, I may just give up writing about music).

Rest in peace, Danny.

Great blog.

Bond said...

Interesting how we are saddened by things out of the blue,like that.

No BS said...

What a great talent. Danny will be missed.

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