April 17, 2008

"Learn From Your Mistakes"

That's one of my top five life statements and I plan to apply it to RUSH.

I missed out on the first part of their tour but God bless em, they'll be back here and will be down the street from me in less than a month. My usual problem: going alone. I have no one to go with.

My sister just informed me that she's "seen Rush several times". I don't remember ever seeing them in the past so this is my chance.

The question is - do I buy one ticket and just go alone or two tickets and try to find someone to go. Last time I did that (Roger Waters doing Dark Side of the Moon) I ended up selling my tickets at the very last minute because I wasn't feeling up to going alone.

I'll tell ya, loving rock and roll with no friends who like it SUCKS.


chez béziat said...

I know what you mean. I recently found myself thinking of all of the concerts I've seen that I went to alone. It was interesting to have the following two frames of mind about it:

1. What the hell is wrong with me?

2. Wow! I've seen some really kick-ass shows.

I'll choose to dwell on that second point. ;)

Jeff said...

I've seen a few shows alone. It's obviously a lot more fun with a friend but if you really want to see the band then I think it's worth it.

I sort of have the same problem as you this year because I want to see Stone Temple Pilots but nobody else seems to want to join... I probably won't end up going unless I find someone.

Jessica said...

You should go...really. I've decided that from now on if no one wants to go with me and it's a cool show I want to see...I'm going. Music makes me feel good. good enough that I'm ok with enjoying it alone. I haven't tried it yet. lol but I'm determined. No more missing shows. I wish we lived closer...we could go together.
Have a good night!

Bruce said...

I saw both Frampton and Clapton by myself. Despite the fact that I consider myself a loner, it still sucked.

steb3 said...

I'll go with you! Oh by the way I am in Wisconsin so you will have to come here :-)

I think you should go. You will meet like-minded people there and probably have a great time.

steb3 said...

By the way I saw them last year and they were really good. Lots of really good music from three guys. Geddy can still get up there. I'm not sure if you need an operation to sing like that or not :-0

RAHM said...

I have been into many concerts alone, it is no problem to me, but it is always better to go with someone, If I could I would go with you, but I am many miles away from you...
in any case RUSH must come to South America this time, they were only in Rio de Janeiro a few years ago, so this time they have to come to Chile, I have seen several live videos of the band, and I hope to see them in concert..

paul and dave said...
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paul and dave said...

I'd go with you barbara, what a great band, Permanent Waves has to be on my desert island discs, nobody like this ever comes down under, my friend by the way is paying to go from oz to new jersey just to see your man bruce, but with her girlfriend is going with her, she's going to do a review of it for r.r.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Michael, LOL, there's nothing wrong with you, you have a wife - too bad she doesn't share your taste in music. The real question is:
What the hell is wrong with me???
I'll stick with your statement #2

Jeff, yeah. It is more fun with someone. For me, I didn't go see Roger Waters cause I knew I'd be thinking of an ex boyfriend and be depressed if I went alone, it I would have had a friend with me I probably wouldn't have had to deal with the haunting memory.

Well you only live about 45 minutes from me so if you want to go let me know :)

Bruce. Right. That's what I'm afraid of. Part of the enjoyment for me is sharing the experience.

Steb3, that's sweet. I wish I could buzz over to Wisconsin, haven't been there since I was a kid. I'm introverted in crowds so don't know if I'd meet anyone except for whoever was sitting next to me...

LOL on your Geddy statement!!!

RAHM, I certainly hope they do some dates down there for you!!

Paul, tell your friend I love her :) I have a friend in Melbourne who remembers Bruce coming to town when he was in high school and they could hear the band practicing for a stadium show.

Strato62 said...

I saw this tour last summer when they came to St. Paul. Once again, Rush did not disappoint. I took a friend and my brother-in-law, who had never seen them before.

This was my second Rush show, the first being the Vapor Trails tour.

As a fan since 1974, I was thrilled to finally see them.

Go see them. You won't be lonely with this crowd.

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