April 10, 2008

News on New Releases

Rush are hoping to start work on a new studio album to be released
next year. Until then, they will release Snakes & Arrows Live on
Apr. 15th and a live video from that tour will surface on DVD in late
summer or early fall.

Peter Frampton has started writing new material for his next studio
album. He expects to spend the rest of the year writing and
recording with a break during the summer and fall for a tour.

Elvis Costello and the Imposters will release their new studio album,
Momofuku, on vinyl on Apr. 22nd and CD on May 6th.

Eagle Rock Entertainment plans to release a live Ted Nugent CD
entitled Sweden Rocks on May 13th. The show was filmed during the
2006 Sweden Rock Festival and a DVD is expected on June 10th.

The Steve Miller Band will be releasing a 3-disc set, Steve Miller:
Live From Chicago, via the Coming Home Studios label in the U.K. on
June 2nd. The set includes two DVDs and an audio CD.

source of info: 80's Music Central


David Amulet said...

At a time when so many artists of years past put out lackluster albums (in your honor, I'll keep Bruce off that list), I've been very pleased with the past few Rush albums. So I'm eager to hear the new one ASAP!

bob_vinyl said...

There's always the potential for Nugent to be entertaining (largely because he's a looney). Elvis Costello writes some great songs, so there's potential that his album will be good as well. However, he tends to get to "adult" for me (and that's about the worst thing I can ever say about music). Rush continues to put out records that are technically proficient and completely devoid of rock. Does anyone ever care what Steve Miller and Peter Frampton are doing? I certainly don't.

Bond said...

Some cool things there and unlike Bob, I am interested in what Steve is doing...always been a Steve fan

steb3 said...

Steve is still rocking. He plays many venues this year. Tom Petty still rocks at his concerts. Not sure how many more he will do. Van Morrison has a new album out. Haven't heard it yet, but might be worth a listen. Never was a big Elvis fan. Is the Nuge touring?

Jeff said...

The other day I heard that U2 is pushing to release their upcoming album before the year ends. That would certainly be nice.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

David, You better keep him off the list! Lackluster? Have you heard Magic? Its great. No bias here :)

Yeah Nudge is looney. Saw him once in the 80's and it was entertaining but don't think I could stand him now. I like Elvis but have to be in the mood for him. and yes, I do c are about Peter and Steve because even though they may not be legendary icons of rock - they are FUN. And I like fun music too!

Hey Bond, take the money and run.

Steb, yes, I agree about Steve and Tom. They can still rock. It fun to go to concerts with a bunch of old people!

Jeff - ONE CAN ONLY HOPE AND PRAY FOR THAT TO HAPPEN! I am already saving money for good seats when they tour!~

bob_vinyl said...

Steb, the new Van Morrison isn't all that good. I had high hopes, because his work over the last maybe 10 years has been very good. This one is a little too much blues rather than soul and he doesn't sound like his heart is in it. I'll probably have a review of it at my site next week.

David Amulet said...

Barbara: I suggest you re-read my comment, I think you read it exactly the opposite of the way I wrote it.

I said "so many artists of years past put out lackluster albums (in your honor, I'll keep Bruce off that list)." In other words, I have him OFF the list of those who have put out lackluster albums. That's a good thing, see??

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

David, OOPS, can you see me blushing?

mellowlee said...

Helloo there! Thanks for stopping by earlier. New Rush AND Elvis C.?!! YAY!!!!!

David Amulet said...

Barbara: I ALWAYS picture you blushing.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

David...now that REALLY did make me blush!

Mellow, thanks for stopping by

Malcolm said...

I never cared much for Rush when they were at their peak. However, I was listening to an "Adult Hits" station at work a few years ago and they played "Limelight". I was like, "damn, this is pretty good". I went out and purchased the song not long after (I'm listening to it now as I type this). I have been meaning to check out more of their work because those dudes can play!

steb3 said...

Bob: Adult hits??? Is that we've become? Adult?

Oh well. I saw Rush last year and a couple of times a long time ago. They put out an amazing amount of music for 3 guys. Really like their early stuff esp. "Working Man" and the whole 2112 album.

Barbara remember you are only as old as you feel. Stay young!

steb3 said...


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Steb, did I pass the test?

steb3 said...

With flying colors. Love your blog.

I was just trying to attach a picture to my name. I have labs and used one of them for my avatar.

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