April 5, 2008

48 Hours and it will be over...

I'll be sitting in the passenger seat of my sister's car. The adrenalin will still be flowing and our ears will be ringing. We'll turn on KLOS and listen as the legendary Jim Ladd talks us home. He knows. He's aware that 40,000 people have just spent the evening with a friend, rocking out. Jim will play Bruce exclusively for the next hour. Neither one of them ever lets us down.

Therese and I will discuss the highlights of the show sharing our personal favorite moments. The rock and roll high will start to fade as we speculate how many years it will be until experience our 19th Springsteen concert. Post Bruce Blues will start to set in, but we'll fight it as long as possible.

Inevitably Jim will play "ThunderRoad" for us. When it gets to the line "roll down the windows and let the wind blow back your hair" we will have simultaneously done just that...two grown women driving down the 405 singing in unison at the top of our lungs, windows wide open, air rushing in our faces.

We arrive home feeling worn out but satisfied, you know the feeling, sort of like a night of great sex that you never wanted to end. I'll fall asleep with a smile on my face and a song playing in my head.

Thanks, Bruce, for another perfect concert. And thanks, Jim, for keeping it alive as long as possible.

Baby if you wanna be wild, you got a lot to learn, close your eyes, let them melt, let them fire, let them burn. Cause in the darkness, there'll be hidden worlds that shine...

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Bond said...

enjoy...so jealous

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks :)

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