February 6, 2008

U23D = Perfect

Just got home from being on stage with Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam. It was INSANE. I know not everyone shares my enthusiasm for U2, so you can stop reading here if that's the case.


What can I say about him other than there is no one like him. He has passion for what he believes and delivers the message with brilliance, heart, soul and rock and roll. Since I share his views on life and I love rock music, what could be better?

Having him stand a foot away from me and reach out into the audience was as close as I will probably ever get to him, and that's fine with me. I can admire him from afar, and I do. He reminds me that there is hope for this f'd up world we live in.

It was amazing to see them so close, to watch The Edge play and see the ridges of his fingernails - that's how clear and detailed this 3D technology was.

And when Larry looked up straight into my eyes - wow. He's so....beautifully male. Damn.

It was a great experience. I give it an A. The only thing better is seeing them live!


bob_vinyl said...

I've heard this is awesome, but I haven't gotten out to see it yet. I hope I can find the time to catch it.

RAHM said...

This was filmed in South America, but will we have the opportunity to see it in Santiago de Chile?


julieunplugged said...

Great review and I agree totally. :) Didn't you love the kiss between Bono and Adam!?

Ahhhh. They are the best.

Barbara said...

Julie, thanks for the comment - I LOVED your post on them! And yes, that was a special moment (the kiss), it communicated so much.

David Amulet said...

It's great to see you so enthusiastic. The joy jumps off the page!

-- david

Jeff said...

I think I actually might be going to see it this weekend because I heard they are playing at a place relatively close to my house. U

U2 put on one of the best shows I've ever seen. I was 3 people back from the front when I saw them three years ago, I can only imagine how great 3D would be...

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