February 25, 2008

Free Springsteen Tickets Update! (see previous post for details)

Here's my new plan and a story that Pete made me think of.

Plan A: Give them away to someone in the Blogosphere (which is not likely since none of my blog readers live in this area which just proves once again I am in the wrong place),

Plan B: When I get to the concert I will find someone looking to buy tickets and sell them dirt cheap. The catch is - they have to prove to me they are a true fan by answering some questions (basic stuff than any Springsteen person should just KNOW).

Story: This exact thing happened to my friends Isaac and Seth when I took them to see Bruce on The Rising Tour. Isaac didn't have a ticket OR any money. But he was willing to sit in the parking lot if he had to. Seth had some money and was going to try and find a single seat for cheap. My sis and I had tickets so we told the guys we'd meet them back at our car after the show.

About 45 minutes later I get a call from Isaac. He was calling from better seats than where I was sitting - and - he got them for FREE!

Some guy in the parking lot made Isaac pass a basic test (that's where I got the idea) to prove he was not a scalper, then he gave them to him free. I was not that suprised because Isaac is one of those people that EVERYONE likes, stuff like this happens to him all the time! Anyhow I was happy for him and want to make someone else happy on APRIL 7th!

(and ladies, Isaac is also one of the best looking guys I have ever seen in my life, but he doesn't even know it - I swear - he's too busy just loving life to be arrogant)


Angie said...

I think that's a really good idea. This kind of happened to me and my two best friends many years ago at a Neil Young concert. We actually couldn't afford tickets back then but we went and sat outside to listen and feel sorry for ourselves. About 20 minutes in three very drunk women came stumbling out of the concert complaining about Neil and what a bad concert it was, and just handed us their tickets! We couldn't believe our luck and it turned out to be the best concert I have ever seen and a night I'll never forget. Thankfully, there's no accounting for taste!

Oh, by the way, can I have Isaac's phone number? ;)

Barbara said...

Angie, Hey he's never met the "right girl" maybe he's needs to take a visit to Oz! I'll hook you up if I can find him (he's a filmmaker and I think he's in Alaska right now shooting a doc on dog sledding...)

Bond said...

OH MY...And that weekend before I am in Tampa or I would consider flying out there...

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,

I love your story about your friend Isaac. A similar thing happened to me a Gaint's stadium during the BITUSA tour(8/22/1985). I wish I could tell you the long and sorted tale, but then I would have to kill you. (just joking, promise).
I will tell you this ... everytime I listen to "All That Heaven Will Allow" and it come up to the lines ...

"C'mon Slim slip me in man
I'll make it up to you somehow
I can't be late I got a date
with all that heaven will allow

I have to smile because I know Bruce is winking at me.
My suggestion ... Play it forward.
Find someone wanting (you will know the one, no quiz needed, you will know the one - Promise.)
I have always wanted to give the ticket back, but I have never really been financially stable enough. Someday.


I have a date tomorrow night in Hartford - with all that heaven will allow.

Barbara said...

Bond, bummer dude~! That would have been fun!

I love your comment!!! Guess what - from now on I will think of YOU when I hear that lyric.

Have a great date, thanks for stopping by...come back and visit!

JM said...

I would have taken you up on the offer, but I'm still trying to figure out how I'd explain it to the wife. Plan B sounds pretty good though. And in case you missed it, some nice early Springsteen cuts over at Berkeley Place that you might like!

Barbara said...

Hey John I have two tickets you could bring your wife ya know! But, I am liking Plan B too :)

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