December 4, 2007

Update on Kevin DuBrow

This breaks my heart, that he may have gone unnoctied for six days. It made me stop and count my blessing because if certain people in my life hadn't heard from me in 6 HOURS they would probably start to wonder where I was. Then again, I am not a rock star, my life is pretty dang predictable. Still....there's an exceptionally sad element to his death.

"According to police reports, they believe that Quiet Riot vocalist
Kevin DuBrow may have been dead for about 6 days before being
discovered. The band's former bassist Kelli Garni was alerted to a
problem when he couldn't reach DuBrow and his voicemail had been
full. After contacting drummer Frankie Banali, both of them talked
two of friends. One, former girlfriend Lark Williams, asked a
paramedic friend to check in on him. The paramedic saw DuBrow's keys
were still on the counter, through a window, and broke into the
building which lead to the discovery of the singer's body on his own
bed. After a cause of death is determined, DuBrow is expected to be
buried this Sunday in Corona del Mar, California, next to his father."

this info is from Martin's weekly newsletter, The 80's Nut


Bond said...

how sad that it took 6 days for friends to wonder....

David Amulet said...

Good update--thanks. I hadn't seen this. I still fear hearing about the cause of death.

-- david

Six Strings said...

I just posted a few pictures of Kevin that I took at a concert in 1983. They are on the Six Strings blog and my new site,

Sad that he is gone. He was a good singer and had a lot to do with Randy Rhoads success.

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