December 6, 2007

Grammy Nominations Announced

From previous posts on the topic of Music award shows - I don't think too many of you who read here think too hightly of them. I don't either really but I do like to check out the "Rock" categories. I'd really like to see who wrote the definition of "Rock". Does anyone know who Lucinda Williams is? She's wearing a COWBOY hat, can she really be a rocker? Would I like her? At least Bruce is being recognized (and deserves to win, imo) in all three:


Nominations for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance go to:

"Timebomb" -- Beck
"Only Mama Knows" -- Paul McCartney
"Our Country" -- John Mellencamp
"Radio Nowhere" -- Bruce Springsteen
"Come On" -- Lucinda Williams

Best Rock Album nominees are:

Daughtry -- Daughtry

Revival -- John Fogerty

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace -- Foo Fighters

Magic -- Bruce Springsteen

Sky Blue Sky -- Wilco

Nods for Best Rock Song go to:

"Come On" -- Lucinda Williams, songwriter (Lucinda Williams)
"Icky Thump" -- Jack White, songwriter (The White Stripes)
"It's Not Over" -- Chris Daughtry, Gregg Wattenberg, Mark Wilkerson & Brett Young, songwriters (Daughtry)

"The Pretender" -- Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nate Mendel & Chris Shiflett, songwriters (Foo Fighters)

"Radio Nowhere" -- Bruce Springsteen, songwriter (Bruce Springsteen)


The Mad Hatter said...

Well, I'm not a Bruce fan myself, but he's definitely got the rest of those others beat -- or should, anyway, by the fact that he's a musician, and not a product. I'm with you, though -- what's "rock"? Is it the same "rock" that exists in the hall of fame in Cleveland? In which case, I guess that's why they're being nominated, because that place has more than loosened the definition enough for them to get in when they're done selling themselves. Oh well, I guess I'm just unhappy that you're only recognized as good if you sell a million records. That and I could probably name better albums or bands from this year.

bob_vinyl said...

The problem with the Grammies is that they're part of the business and not the music. If they were part of the music, I'd get myself up in arms if the White Stripes didn't win. As it stands though, I don't care.

Lucinda Williams is usually put in the alt country/americana category which is at least in spirit much closer to rock than country.

Jeff said...

I share Bob's sentiments regarding the Grammy's. I think the White Stripes are far and away the better band this year than any of those on the list, so I would love to see them take home an award, but once again it's a bogus award show anyway.

Bruce said...

I'd be interested to see who chooses the finalists for all of these entertainment awards. When Jethro Tull beat out Metallica for the hard rock/heavy metal award, the Grammies had officially jumped the shark. I'm a huge Tull fan, but c'mon....
Anyway, awards shows in general, and awards themselves, in particular(other than maybe the Nobel and military service awards) are nothing but meaningless tripe.

David Amulet said...

He's got the best shot in the album category, methinks. Not much competition there, although the popular following of Daughtry could be a test.

I'll go for "Icky Thump" on song--a great throwback to classic rock.

-- david

Mike said...

Ditto what Bob V said. I hope Icky Thump wins. Sorry Brucey.

Bond said...

As long as he beats out that poor excuse for a rocker, Daughtry, I will be happy....

hallga77 said...

Lucinda rocks but Bob V said, she is more of an alt Country. You may want to check her out. I find I have a hard time predicting what people will like.

I have not put a lot of stock in the Grammys after they passed on Elvis Costello, The Cars & Toto for best new group, choosing instead to give it to Taste Of Honey -you know they did "Boogie Oogie Oogie" I was so mad I turned it off and put on some music.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Hatter, I think you ARE a Bruce fan, you just don't know it!

Bob V. Good point and thanks for the info on Lucinda!

Jeff, is this JS with a new photo? It must be, I will check.

Bruce, I hear ya. Its kind of a joke huh?

David, I kinda like Daugherty myself :)

Mike, how could you hope that? I want my DVD back.

Bond, see above - I kinda like Daugherty but he IS NOT Rock and Roll!

Hi Hall! Nice to see you here and yep, that would make me turn them off too but I usually don't bother turning them on.

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