November 4, 2007

Wallflowers Anyone?

I have to admit, you can only listen to so much CLASSIC rock....after all it has a beginning and an end. It was an era of time. So I enjoy a lot of newer bands too. Right now I am on a total Wallflowers kick. I mean you can't go wrong with Dylan's son, he inherited a lot of his dad's talent. Does anyone here like the Wallflowers? Black Lab? The Gin Blossoms? Sick Puppies? Plain White T's? Or am I going through yet another musical identity crisis?

Listening to: Sick Puppies - What Are You Looking for
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Listening to: The Wallflowers - Everybody Out Of The Water
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bob_vinyl said...

I can't stand the Wallflowers. While Dylan wrote part of the soundtrack to the upheaval of the 60s, his son does nothing but play it safe and capitalize (even if unintentionally) on his dad's name. To me, the Wallflowers are like the Kenny G of rock.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I don't think he tries to capitalize on his dad's name but, like Julian Lennon or someone like that - its kind of hard to hide it.

I guess I like their music because I have no expectations when I listen to something - I open my ears and my heart and I either like it or I don't. With them, I like what I hear and how I feel when I listen.

Bruce said...

Never been a fan of Jacob and the boys; never heard of the Sick Puppies or the Plain White T's. The Gin Blossoms were ok back in their heyday, and I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Black Lab. This may surprise you, but yesterday was the first time I ever heard anything by the White Stripes, and honestly? Not all that impressed. Oh, and if I see one more site advertising the new Radiohead, I'm going to punch the screen.

The Mad Hatter said...

Classic rock may have a beginning and an end, but the C-list and D-list bands were better than most music now. I've been spending the last few years digging up really good classic rock acts like The Creation, Joseph, Night Sun, Budgie, etc. Eddie Phillips of The Creation was the first guitar player to use a violin bow, not Jimmy Page as many believe, and is featured on many of their songs. I guess that's my verbose way of saying I disagree, Barbara. I prefer to dig deeper in one spot before moving on to a new plot.

Bruce said...

The hatter is right; there's always music out there to re-discover, or in some cases, discover for the first time(i.e., the "deep cuts" that were rarely, if ever, played on the radio).

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