November 17, 2007

Blackmore's Night - Paris Moon (live in Paris)

I have another CD/DVD set to review and give away.

If you are into "Renaissance Rock" you will love this CD/DVD. There are a lot of talented musicians in this group, including Ritchie Blackmore. Instruments include violins, flute, mandolin, guitar, piano.

I read one person's review who states it succinctly:

"this is what rock and roll would have sounded like 500 years ago"

I gave it a listen and enjoyed the music, but found myself wanting to fast forward the vocals....I have never been into the Celtic type sound and that's what Candace Night reminds me of. Her personality got on my nerves a bit too (its a live performance so she talks between songs).

My favorite part of this set is the packaging - It looks like an old book with an inlay of a photograph of Paris on the front. Its the same size as a small book and opens up to some well done graphics. Very dark, old looking - kind of mystical.
If anyone would like to check this out, its up for grabs for the small price of maybe linking back to me and saying something nice :)

Listening to: Blackmore's Night - World Of Stone
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The Mad Hatter said...

yeah, ritchie's girlfriend is kind of annoying. her ethereal voice fits for mostl of the songs, but she's kind of tiring after awhile. i remember seeing an interview with them and feeling this unexplainable irritation when she spoke. maybe she feels she's the queen because ritchie is a rock god. deep purple, rainbow, blackmore's night -- see a trend? he's great.

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