November 27, 2007

Danny Ferderici Takes a Break for Cancer Treatment

I just read saw a video over at Blogness on the Edge of Town (my favorite resource for all things Bruce), the video of Danny's send off fromt he tour. As you may have heard he was diagnosed with melanoma and will undergoing treatmetn rather than being on the road with the E Street Band. He will be missed.

Here is some Danny F. trivia for you: Along with playing the organ, he also plays the glokenspeil (I had no idea that's what it was called until just now) and the accordian. He taughtr himself how to play the accordian at age seven while wtaching Laurence Welk on TV. Pretty cool if ya ask me.

My prayers are with you, Danny! You will be missed on the rest of this tour, I hope you make a full recovery!

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