June 11, 2007

Sex Pistols - 30 Years Old

And I don't mean the band members, I mean the band.
Does that make anyone else feel old? Ugh.

Johnny then:

Johnny now:


David Amulet said...

I was just thinking yesterday how it's now 40 years since Genesis first recorded some of their music ... and it won't be too long before we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles' breakthrough. Wow.

-- david

bob_vinyl said...

I remember getting into punk in early 1985 (at 14) and the Pistols seemed like an old band even though it was only eight years before they they released Never Mind the Bollocks. That's like something from 1999 today and those albums seem practically brand new. Time is a weird thing. It seems to me that 17 is the cut-off. Everything that came out before I was 17 seems old-school and everything after seems like something new (even though it isn't anymore). I wonder if 17 is my number, because in a lot of ways I still feel that age (rather than 36). I dunno.

I still love the Pistols though, even if I can't stomach that reunion thing they did a few years back. there's really only one Sex Pistols album and the rest is either crap that didn't involve Johnny Rotten or just repackaged stuff. That reminds me of one of the funnier repackagings. Flogging a Dead Horse was such a great title, because that was in fact what they were doing at that point. I also like the picture of the turd on the gold record of Never Mind the Bollocks. It was great irreverence for the rotten music industry.

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

scary....I need to interview him so he can tell me to fuck off

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