June 9, 2007

Bono and the G8 - "Politics is the art of the possible"

I know, I know....some of you are tired of hearing about him, but I will never tire of writing about him because I stand behind him 100% in what he's doing. I believe he's sincere, that his compassion is genuine. He HAS made a difference by raising money to help fight AIDS in Africa and feed some of the hungry there, that can't be denied because there are facts to back it up.

I also love the music - not just the man. I think u2 is one of the greatest bands for all time and its pretty amazing that after 31 years, the original guys are still together. Its even more amazing that you don't hear scandals involving any one of them - no illegal or immoral activities splashed all over the gossip magazines.

Some people say he's arrogant, maybe he is, but so what? He's not out for his own gain, he's only agenda is to provide aid for those who need it and he recognizes that some of us have more than we need while others don't have enough to survive.

Do you like Bono, dislike him or have no opinion either way?

Here's a clip of the CNN interview with Bono and Bob Geldoff, this is what I am talking about:


Anndi said...
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bob_vinyl said...

I like Bono. I think he's one of the few celebrity activists who actually has credibility. he's seen as an authority on things like cancellation of the third world debt even outside of rock circles. I'm not saying he's perfect, but he has devoteda lot of his fame to doing real good in the world, not just fake benefits and regurgitating received opinion. Plus, his band is probably the most important since the Beatles.

David Amulet said...

I admire someone who stands up for what he believes. I'm annoyed by someone who thinks they can step in as a subject-mattter expert in another career (usually international politics) just because they've flown around to a few countries and read some things.

I respect someone who takes the time and effort to pursue his beliefs even though it is difficult to do so. I'm annoyed by someone who preaches to me at a concert when I'm there to hear music, not a harrangue.

So obviously I'm torn.

-- david

Bond said...

Hey Layla...I admire Bono for working to make things better for others when so many of these celebrities only care about themselves or only care about others when the camera are rolling...

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