July 1, 2006


It's been months since I put a quiz on here! I think I've lost all my readers except for Jeff, Darrin and maybe Mark. Dang it! Becky? Rahime? Steve? You still out there?

Well here's a little quiz. See if you can match these names up. I'll put the "real" name on the top list and their "famous" names below (some of these are super easy!). Good Luck!

Real Names:
John Mellor

Marc Feld

Vincent Furnier

Rick Zehringer
Reginald Dwight

Frederick Bulsara

Robert Zimmerman

Richard Starkey

Steveland Morris

John Simin Ritchie

Pat Andrejewski
Declan McManus

David Evans

William Bailey

Saul Hudson

Paul Hewson

Gordon Sumner

Stanley Eisen

George Ivan

Famous Names:

Ringo Starr
Freddie Mercury
Stevie Wonder
Elvis Costello
Van Morrison
Marc Bolan
Sid Vicious
The Edge
Joe Strummer
Pat Benatar
Axl Rose
Rick Derringer
Alice Cooper
Paul Stanley
Elton John
Bob Dylan

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BeckEye said...

I'll try to do them without looking at the bottom names first...

Vincent Furnier - Alice Cooper
Rick Zehringer - Rick Derringer
Reginald Dwight - Elton John
Frederick Bulsara - Freddie Mercury
Robert Zimmerman - Bob Dylan
Richard Starkey - Ringo Starr
Declan McManus - Elvis Costello
David Evans - The Edge
William Bailey - Axl Rose
Paul Hewson - Bono
Gordon Sumner - Sting

Ok...now I need help!

John Mellor - Sid Vicious?
Marc Feld - Marc Bolan
Steveland Morris - Stevie Wonder (ahhh, I knew that one!!)
John Simin Ritchie - Van Morrison? (sounds slightly Irish)
Pat Andrejewski - Pat Benatar
Saul Hudson - Slash (dammit, I knew that one too!)
Stanley Eisen - Paul Stanley?
George Ivan - Joe Strummer?

Bar said...

BECKY!!! You rock and you made my day! You still read my blog! Thanks!

Jeff said...

Well even though Becky got most of them, I'll try to clean up a few of the ones she wasn't sure with, I will only answer the ones that I know that she wasn't too sure of.

Joe Strummer - John Mellor
Sid Vicious - John Simin Ritchi

I don't know about Paul Stanely or Van Morrison. I love my 70's Punk!

Layla said...

Between the two of you, you got them all. Good job!

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