June 29, 2006

Van Halen - David Lee Roth

This is the image that comes to my mind when I hear David Lee Roth. Not the loud mouth super bleached going bald blonde, but the athletic and energetic DLR back in the day.

I also think his voice is (was?) incredible - the perfect vocal ability for a rock band.

I've seen VH a few times, twice on the Diver Down tour and once in the front row. Watching this guy do his acrobatic act was almost as impressive as Eddie's solos.

Ahhhhhhh those were the days.

I bring this up because I am going to see an old acquaintance (a friend of my sister) next month and theysupposedy have "the best" Van Halen tribute band out there, The Atomic Punks.

The guy we know, Ralph, is David Lee Roth. Not Sammy Hagar, Not Gary Cherone (poor forgotten Gary - love ya bro!) but DLR; BECAUSE everyone knows that he is the real lead man for Van Halen. I love Sammy - but it just wasn't Van Halen (to me) without David.


Do you ever go see Tribute Bands? If so, do you like them? I find most of them a bit embarrassing to watch with the exception of two that are so good you forget you are not seeing the real band! They are:

Bruce in the USA


A Space Oddity

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Jeff said...

I LOVE TRIBUTE BANDS! Some of them are rather tacky but most of the ones I have seen are incredible. Some of the best tribute bands that I've seen are The Machine (Pink Floyd), Australian Pink Floyd (Pink Floyd), Who's Next (The Who), and Strawberry Fields (The Beatles). Also David Lee Roth certainly is Van Halen not Sammy, I'm not a big VH fan but I can't deny their talent. Those ballerina classes for David when he was younger sure did pay off for a great stage show.

Layla said...

JEFF! yoU KILL ME! I didn't know David took ballet but you've confirmed it right here on this nationally known blog! I love it!

There is a Doors Tribute band that plays around here called Wild Child that I would like to see :)

Jeff said...

Don't quote me on that but I am 99% sure that he did. I saw the 21st Century Doors which are now I belive called Riders On the Storm which is Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of the original Doors and playing Jim is Ian Atsbury. They were amazing, I sort of see them as a Tribute Band although two of the original members are in it, but the Doors without Jim just isn't quite the Doors.

LoraLoo said...

I am 99% sure the Atomic Punks have been around here in Vegas, but haven't seen them. I know I've posted about this before, but I prefer Van Halen via Sammy Hagar (Van Hagar). (Whoa, that flying tomato almost got me!) Anyway, I heard The Atomic Punks are fabulous, I hope you enjoy them!

They have a new tribute guy here in Vegas, called David Zowie - he's getting some rave reviews around here! (Gosh, I wonder who he's a tribute to?)

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