July 5, 2006

Roger Waters & The Who in Hyde Park

Musician Roger Waters performs at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark July 2, 2006. Waters may have been the intellectual head of the Hard Rock Cafe's Hyde Park Calling festival on Saturday (July 1) night, with a meticulously thunderous set, but the Who were clearly the heart on Sunday night with a warm and raucous performance. (Torben Christensen/Reuters)

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Mike said...

I'm hoping to get tickets thru one of my customers for Roger Waters. As for the Who, I saw them back in 2002 just after Entwhistle died, and they were still really good. A bonus was that Robert Plant opened for them and played 8 Zep tunes and 3 solo ones.

Layla said...

Okay, I am jealous!!! I saw The Who in 19__? I want to say 79 but I am not sure! Never did get to see Robert or Zeppelin. Somewhere on this site i have a photo of two unused Led Zep tickets. :(

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