December 21, 2005

A Review of Rock N Roll in the 60's

So you were born in the 80's and can't understand why your parents keep that old box of vinyls in that cardboard box in the garage - they'll never listen to them again!

For one reason they are too scratched and for another - who the heck has a turntable? How could people even stand to listen to the quality of music turntable would provide?

Ahhh, vinyl. Those were the days. The Beginning of music as we know it today.

No matter what genre you prefer, their are roots back to the 60's:


LA Rock
British Invasion


Folk Rock

Progressive Rock

Arena rock

Acid Rock

San Fransisco Rock

Did I forget any combos? Acid Folk Surf Rock?
I'll see what I can dig up that may get some of you interested in the 60's. There was a lot more the the 60's than The Beatles, The Stones and Hendrix :)

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Jeff said...

The great thing about vinyls is they actually do sound better than CD's although it may not seem like it because they get scuffed up so easy. CD's just take snap shots of the sound wave so you are missing some of it but with vinyl you are getting the full sound wave. So the analogue sound of the vinyl is actually giving out more frequencies than the CD's digital sound. Long Live The Vinyls!

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