December 15, 2005

Jesus Loves Rock and Rollers

The Jesus I love and follow does not condemn people or accuse them of dying young because they were evil.

I ran across this website
and although the statistics are true, the way it's presented makes me very sad and embarrassed. This in not "preaching the good news about Jesus". This is being judgemental and unkind.

The Jesus I know and follow would not condemn the people listed on the attached list, in fact he would hang out with them. That’s right! Jesus always hung out with the people in society that others thought of as “bad” or “low” or “weird”. Today’s equivalents of the folks he hung out with, in my opinion, would homosexuals with AIDS, homosexuals without AIDS, prostitutes, Addicts of all types, Criminals and people with emotional, mental and physical disabilities.

The people Jesus got pissed off at were known as the Pharisees, in 2005 that would be considered people like whoever wrote the linked website. People who “follow the rules” but don’t allow for any compassion and understanding. Jesus called them some pretty harsh things (check out the Gospels for details).

So, my point is that maybe John wouldn’t have got so drunk that night if he had Jesus sitting there with him. Maybe Janis would not have been so depressed and feel so unloved. Maybe Michael would have had some hope and chose not to hang himself. I don’t know. Yes, rock stars do have a shorter life expectancy than the average person, for many reasons. But to suggest that they are evil and will all go to hell and DESERVE it is to slap Jesus in the face.


steve said...


is all I can say about this.


Kitt Stormbringer said... are so right! I am a lady guitarist/singer/songwriter. I have been called all sorts of nasty names: Jezebel, Messenger of the Antichrist, Dirty Injun Bastard etc.

It drives me up the wall, because like the writer of the post, I too think Jesus isn't a judgemental idiot. He would never attack me for being native american, or being a guitarist, or for being a woman who fights back against people who want to hurt her/her family and friends/the infirmed-eldery-children etc that can't fight back.

I bet the jerks who are against rockers wouldn't give Jimmy Page a cup of water if he was dehydrated to the point of death....and all I got left to say to those hateful hypocrites is: SHAME ON YOU!!!

And to everyone else.....KEEP ROCKIN!!!!

-Kitt Stormbringer

Layla said...

Wow Kitt, thanks for stopping by - I would love to talk to you maore and hear about your story. If you see this, please email me!!!

Guitar Master said...

I wish I could blog as good as you, but what I can do is give you a nice Guitar Lesson!

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