December 31, 2005

Free Music?

Has anyone out there ever tried any of the advertised "free" music downloads, like this one: My Music

You pay a very minimal fee and then can download as many songs as you want. It seems too good to be true after giving iTunes .99 for every song I buy.

Any opinions out there? I'd love to hear what others think.

1 comment:

Perplexio said...

The thing with a lot of these other services-- you aren't downloading the music, you're downloading a stream of the music that is accessible at any time you like and the license to be able to listen to it any time you like.

When your subscription runs out, or if you let it lapse, I've heard that the files no longer play on your computer. So cancellation of the subscription also equals cancellation of the licenses and thus your access to all of that music. I believe that's now Napster now works, but I do recommend doing further research as I'm not sure whether or not all of those "flat-rate" download services operate the same way.

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