December 2, 2005

I lost a friend in the Great White Fire

I was listening to "Hair Nation" one of my fave stations on Sirius satellite radio, when a Great White song came on (Once Bit, Twice Shy). My memory went back to that horrible day when I opened the local newspaper and saw a picture of an old friend of mine, Scott Griffith. Scott's photo was there because he was one of the victims of the tragic fire that took 100 lives total.

Scott lived up the street from me and he and my brother were buddies. Once we all got into our teens we partied together and he would show off his talents at guitar playing. There was no doubt in our minds that he would make it. He never hit the big time, but he did have a successful career as a musician.

His band here in So. Cal. used to play with Great White a lot, so he became friends with them. That's why he was standing right there at the stage when it happened. The saddest part is that he was a single dad raising his teen daughter on his own. He had overcome a drug/alcohol problem and devoted his life to being a good dad. She lost him that night...and so did his old friends.

Rest in peace, Scott or as your old friends say Rock in Peace

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