September 27, 2005

U2 Virgin No More!

ONLY 30 MORE DAYS UNTIL I AM EXPERIENCING THE CONCERT OF A LIFETIME. As of now, I am a virgin to U2, I know I'll never be the same after

November 1 @ Staples in LA


steve said...

you are coming to hear me play?

Bar Bar A said...

Steve, It would cost me less to fly up there to hear you than it did to buy the tickets for the Boys!!!!!

I wish you could go with!

An80sNut said...

I'm only slightly upset that they are having Kanye West open on the last few dates of their tour. Great band though. My favorite song of theirs will always be, "All I Want Is You." Haunting.

David said...

hi -
I just watched Woodstock
what a collection of peformances
it took me two evenings - but it was worth it. I wonder where all those kids are now?

BeckEye said...

Favorite U2 song - "The Unforgettable Fire". Awesome.

I have no idea how much they're charging for concerts, but I'm betting it's much too rich for my blood. I'm going to see Pearl Jam on Monday for the 5th time. All 5 tickets combined probably don't equal the cost of one U2 or Rolling Stones ticket. God, I love those guys.

Isaac said...

You’re making me jealous!
Make sure and take a digital camera…preferably something better than the one on your cell phone.

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