September 8, 2005

Sammy Hagar

Quick, what's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the name Sammy Hagar?

If you said Van may have missed out on Sammy's career as The Red Rocker.

While David Lee was doing his acrobatics in spandex Sammy was in the middle of his own successful career. SAMMY HAGAR's live performances was LOUD, CRAZY and WILD!

I don't remember what year I saw him (too lazy too research it) but I would guess it was around 1985. The band opening for him was Quarterflash (one hit wonder "Harden My Heart).

On stage with Sammy was a huge red piano, some other stuff I can't remember and a red Trans Am with the classic license plate that said "IEATZ28". There was also a ladder and a trapeze type get-up. Sammy did not stop moving all night. He was jumping on the car, running around with his RED guitar, swinging from the trapeze, climbing the ladder. He was a madman and the crowd loved him. It was a great show.

So, three cheers for the Red Rocker BEFORE he became known as the front-man for VH!!!


An80sNut said...

Gotta love Sammy. He's very underappreciated and probably one of the most energetic performers that I've seen on stage.

Opie Outlaw said...

I like Sammy..he rock for sure..Love his tequila too..just can't afford the price..not at $35.00 a fifth.

KL15 said...

OOOHHHH This Planet's On Fire!!

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