August 18, 2010


DATELINE - Guitar icon and three time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Eric Clapton announced today that he will release his 19th solo studio album on September 28, 2010 simply titled CLAPTON.

After 18 solo albums, not to mention countless other releases with his many bands and assorted collaborations, Eric Clapton doesn’t have much left to prove. But regardless, he still rocks, and he’s going to continue to do so until he’s dead and buried. And to prove that, he’s called lucky No. 19 simply CLAPTON. All caps means he isn’t playing around.

Co-produced by long-time guitarist and collaborator Doyle Bramhall II, the album will feature the likes of Steve Winwood, Wynton Marsalis, and Sheryl Crow. Despite being in the business a long time, Clapton said via a press release that the end result was a shocker to him. “It’s an eclectic collection of songs that weren’t really on the map—and I like it so much because if it’s a surprise to the fans, that’s only because it’s a surprise to me, as well.” That’s right– he’s still got it.

Enjoy the tracklist below. As always, stay tuned for more news (maybe possibly a tour?!) as it’s announced. CLAPTON hits stores September 28th via Warner Bros. Records.

CLAPTON Tracklist:
01. Travelin’ Alone
02. Rocking Chair
03. River Runs Deep
04. Judgement Day
05. How Deep Is The Ocean
06. My Very Good Friend The Milkman
07. Can’t Hold Out Much Longer
08. That’s No Way To Get Along
09. Everything Will Be Alright
10. Diamonds Made From Rain*
11. When Somebody Thinks You’re Wonderful
12. Hard Times Blues
13. Run Back To Your Side
14. Autumn Leaves

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I can not wait to hear this!


beachteacher said...

YES ! That's great!!

Evora said...

can not wait for it to come out!! what a truly living legend...

Mbop iStores said...

I read his autobiography recently, he came across really well - perfectly aware of his weaknesses as well as his strengths

DELILAH said...

awesome news!!!!


Perplexio said...

Other than Blind Faith and a few of his solo releases I've never been big on Clapton. For blues/blues-influenced guitarists I prefer the late Mike Bloomfield. Back in the day he could play circles around Clapton. Unfortunately his substance abuse issues hindered not only his career but his life. Were he alive today I think he'd be spoken of with even greater reverence than Clapton.

Nate said...

Noticed you mentioned Clapton!

Thought maybe you could repost this for his (and gaming fans) out there?

I'm working on a video that's currently gaining steam (over 400k views) and causing a bit of a stir online. In a modern day sacrifice, Power Gig roadies dumped a cargo load of Rock Band/Guitar Hero guitars into the mouth of Eyjafjallajökull, the Icelandic volcano that caused so much trouble for touring musicians and travelers alike this year.

The video also features the song "Rockshow" by Peaches.

Power Gig is a new rock game featuring a real six-string guitar. Eric Clapton, Dave Matthews, and Kid Rock have all signed on to have their songs be a part of the upcoming release, a first for music gaming. It's great news for musicians out there who are tired of their non-musician friends "outperforming" them on a plastic toy.

You can watch it here:



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