August 17, 2010

3 Days Of Peace & Music

41 years ago today on a muddy hill at Yasgur's Farm some stoned hippy freaks witnessed this amazing performance. This very day was the last day of the exposition.

Check it out.


beachteacher said...

omg....LOVE this ! Thanks for posting this Barbara ! :)

Barbara said...

Lori, It was not me who posted, but my wonderful co-writer, Dan the Man. I love it too!

DELILAH said...

i'm so bummed i missed this :(!!!


DaveStuff said...

Woodstock is pretty cool. Watched taking back Woodstock recently.. Pretty interesting.

I thought the Monterey Pop Festival movie had better performances but the split screen stuff in Woodstock is kewl.

I read recently that CCR performed at Woodstock. But didn't make it in the film or the record.

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