July 24, 2010

Rage Against the Machine - Great Show

My son had a great time at the concert.  He said he managed to get up front (he lost a shoe and an earring in the process.)

According to the OC Register:  
"Inside the brimming Hollywood Palladium ballroom Friday night, a fearful anxiety hung nearly as prominently as the air of pent-up excitement, which rapidly approached critical mass as the audience prepared for the first L.A. performance in 10 years from Rage Against the Machine.
Riots at Rage show aren't uncommon, but at this special event -- a benefit to raise upwards of $300,000 for The Sound Strike, a musician-led boycott against the controversial Arizona SB 1070 immigration law -- the fear that EMT sirens would be heard as often as the machine-gun soloing of Tom Morello was magnified tenfold.
But the sirens never came, and despite one of the most roiling circle pits this venue has ever seen, audience members remained equally respectful -- and generally protective -- of one another , making for what might arguably be called Rage's most unifying gig in recent years."


New Rock Bands said...

I love RATM! Great band... glad your son had a great time, I'd love to see them one day. :)

Mbop Promotions said...

Yeah glad - it went well Barbara!

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