July 22, 2010


My blood pressure is about to go through the roof. I won't go into my usual tirade about why the above mentioned ticket monopolizing greed whores.

As you know...these are the ONLY two places to buy face value tickets for 99% of the concerts out there (and TM bought Live Nation last year so its really just one big company).

If its a popular show, forget it. It sells out within MINUTES and the majority of the tickets go to the fucking ticket brokers who gouge you for double or more the price you would have paid if you were one of the very few lucky people to get a ticket.

So that's one reason I don't go to concerts unless I can get a ticket for face value (like Bad Co last week)


If the concert is far more important than following my own diehard rule of not buying from brokers (scalpers, scums, whatever you want to call them).

So yes I will pay over $300 per ticket to see U2 because the alternative is sitting at home and that means they win anyhow because I did not get to see my show.

I charged tickets for my son to see RATM tomorrow night and I get this "gift card" VISA today when the venue rules clearly state that gift cards will NOT be accepted. I have talked to the guy that sold them to me and he assures me its going to be okay.

If Keven does not get in, it will not be okay. He is not exactly Mr. Stability and this is the sort of thing that could push him over the edge. PLUS, I paid a lot of money for those damn tickets - over double face value.

I can't even hint to Keven that he may get up there and be turned away, he would be so upset...but I don't trust this guy. If all goes well and he gets in, then I ranted, raved and cussed for nothing.

BUT if it doesn't turn out you can come back here and help me get my money back and warn everyone not to use the __________________ ticket agency (I won't share the name of it unless they have ripped me off).

Oh - the reason I am suspicious - I called the number on the Visa gift card and they told me there were NO CONCERT TICKETS PURCHASED WITH IT. So how the hell is the Hollywood Palladium going to know that is the right card? I have never been ripped off by a ticket scalper before, lets hope I am just being paranoid but my gut tells me otherwise.....

damn it!

The stress is not worth it. I should have never told my son about his dream come true concert. I should have just said "sorry, they sold out".

I will not take this sitting down. I will raise a fit if they have ripped me off.


Mbop Promotions said...

Oh no - hope you manage to get it sorted Barbara!

Charlie said...

Call your local newspaper and see if they can help you. Trust me, they don't want bad press.

GregC said...

"I have never been ripped off by a ticket scalper before" I just wish I hadn't been scalped when I bought my home and the nice old couple pocketed $150,000 profit for a couple of years of living there, now it's worth much less. I could hate, but I would be hating the grocer, oil companies and everyone on wall street and millions of other companies that buy and sell with profit margins far and above the 14% gross profit margin my ticket brokerage, PreferredSeat.com charges. My dad hates a lot now too, makes it hard to visit when all I hear is who he hates, and has never even met. Just as with any company on the web, you should check with the BBB, verify they have been around the block a few years, have a contact address ( most don't)and sound like they know what they are talking about when you talk to them on the phone. (highly recommended!)When you find a good ticket broker (reliable and low markup) stay with them and you won't have to stress any longer!!!

Jeff said...

I'm sorry about your situation. Something like this happened to me but with Ticketmaster. There was a presale for Roger Waters tickets a few years back. The presale was exclusive to Amex card holders, so my Aunt let me borrow hers. I got great seats, and then a few days later Ticketmaster e-mails me saying that my order has been cancelled because the mailing address was different than the billing address. I understand that they're trying to protect from any kind of fraud, but at least try to confirm things before cancelling my order. Or why even give the option to have a different mailing address from billing address? I was so upset after that fiasco. I hope all goes well in your situation!

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