May 4, 2010


There are some things in life that can't be explained, only experienced.  Hearing this song live is one of those things.

I know every word of this song.  So does most of the audience.  Its not about the lyrics though.  Its about Bruce and the band giving it their all.  You have to be standing there during the sax solo to really feel it.  This video will give you a slight hint.  I know not many people will watch for the full ten minutes...In concert it often lasts up to 20 and we're still bummed when its over.

I like what Melissa Ethridge said in Rolling Stone magazines 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time issue: "When Bruce Springsteen does those wordless wails, like at the end of 'Jungleland,' that's the definition of rock & roll to me. He uses his whole body when he sings, and he puts out this enormous amount of force and emotion and passion."

Here it is from 1975 followed by 2009. If your going to choose one to watch, I recommend 2009, some things get better with age - Bruce and The E Street Band definitely did. But damn - its amazing to see him back in the day. Watch both - I dare you to.


BeckEye said...

Always been my favorite Bruce tune!

Max Moscardi said...

I first saw the 2009 version, but as soon as I played the other video and saw the plaid shirt and hat from the piano player.. and Bruce's wool hat.. wow .. I knew I would prefer it.. that's so 70's genuine..

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

This and Rosalita are my to fav Bruce tunes

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