May 8, 2010

Help Keep Layla's Alive

Looking back over the last few years, I've had many fun moments and great conversations about music right here.  It makes me sad that one of my passions has taken a back seat in my life, but that's how things go.

I'm writing mostly on my blog "Recovery Happens" about my journey as the parent of a recovering heroin addicted who is diagnosed Bipolar.  Learning all I can and becoming an advocate for the mentally ill is my number one passion right now.

I miss so many of you and still try to keep up with your blogs, but am not so great at it.

If there's anyone of you out there that would like to occasionally throw a post up here, please let me know.


BloggerLauren said...

I have three acute interests in life: 1) mental health advocacy, 2) music, & 3) writing.

My name is Lauren. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Type I Disorder at 19 and a more devastating rage disorder at 20. I spent many years in and out of hospitals, and vowed after my last stay to win the battle against my ill brain. I am deeply proud of all who take a stand against devastation that can so easily destroy lives if willed to.

Music of all genres gets me through life. I rely on loud rock from any decade (especially the 1980s) to keep me upbeat and alive. I rely on soft jazz to keep me quiet and at peace. I live for music.

By training, I am a paralegal. However, I graduated at a poor time and have been unemployed since (7 months now). I have taken to blogging and online article writing to keep my mind focused and busy until a job comes in. While I look far and high for a legal position, I write and earn nominal payments in the process.

I recently created a blog site - This is a personal site devoted to all interests music. Daily posts cover many genres and musicians. My site is fairly new, so I need all the support I can get. I would be honored to have the support of fellow rock music enthusiasts.

I will definitely help keep Layla's alive.

Perplexio said...

Barbara, I'm more than happy to contribute from time to time. You know I've got quite eclectic tastes that run the gamut-- classic rock, folk rock, jazz, fusion, classical, progressive, metal... all over the map. But I'd be happy to ocassionally contribute some of my more classic rock oriented writings to your blog from time to time.

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