May 12, 2010

Hughes, Bonamassa, Sherinian, and Bonham Supergroup album completed

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian (Planet X, ex-Dream Theater, former touring keyboardist with Buddy Miles, KISS & Alice Cooper), and Jason Bonham have completed recording on their debut album.  Initially this supergroup was to be called "Black Country" but have had to drop that name upon learning that another band already has that name. 

Incidentally, Bonamassa was recently voted best guitarist in the world. 

Their debut CD has been completed and is being/has been produced by Kevin Shirley and (as of today, 5/12/10) is scheduled for a September release.

Sometimes with these supergroups the egos are over the top and the whole doesn't match up to the sum of the parts (GTR and The Firm come to mind).  Other times there's enough mutual respect and love of music that the whole actually becomes greater than the sum of the parts (Asia, or more recently Them Crooked Vultures). 

Until September I will remain cautiously optimistic.  Is anyone else looking forward to this one?

Speaking of Glenn Hughes, in addition to this supergroup project he's been working on a new remaster of Deep Purple's Come Taste the Band after the original multi-track source tapes (long thought lost) were located last year.  Many previous CD releases came from later sources and not the original source tapes:
...  in December 2009, the Deep Purple Appreciation Society reported that the original multi-track masters had recently surfaced and that an official remastered version with bonus tracks (including remixes by Glenn Hughes and Kevin Shirley) would see release in 2010. The release is now due in late July (for the world outside the US).[2]
On January 6, 2010 it was announced at the DPAS website that there were two extra tracks from the Come Taste The Band sessions. One is a five minute jam with Ian Paice and Tommy Bolin, the other a proper three minute track that was taken out from the final release in 1975. It was also stated on the website that the remastering was still in an early state, but that it moved forwards. Two days later it was reported that Glenn Hughes had finished his involvement with the remixes at Stateside at the very end of December 2009. On a January 1, 2010 diary entry on his official website[3], producer Kevin Shirley also stated that David Coverdale had been involved in the process. This 2-CD Deluxe 35th Anniversary edition will include the original album plus a rare US single edit on the first disc, and the remixes plus the two unissued tracks on the second disc. (from wikipedia)

Hopefully the US release will not be long after the worldwide re-relesae.


Sean Coleman said...

I'm really looking forward to this. Glenn Hughes always had that incredible high range (remember those interludes on "Burn"?) and is a stellar musician.

Come Taste the Band generally gets overlooked in the Purple discography, but it's really decent.

Great post!

Download Bangla Songs said...

i like Glenn Hughes! good posting...

JohnnyG's Blues said...

I am looking forward to this, but I have reservations as well.

Collaborations and combinations of those who are great in their own right don't have a great track record.

Still, put me in the hopeful category...

Perplexio said...

Sean: A good friend who shares some of my musical interests speaks very highly of Glenn Hughes. Not being a big DP fan (something I'm trying to change) I'm not that familiar with Hughes work. Said friend, knowing I'm an Asia fan, recommended I start with the Hughes/Downes CD that Glenn did with Geoffrey Downes of Asia.

Download Bangla Songs: Glad you enjoyed the post.

Johnny G: Of all the guys in this project I'm most familiar with Derek Sherinian as I'm a Dream Theater fan. I actually didn't care for Derek's work with Dream Theater but I'm glad he was in the band for a spell as it introduced me to his music and I actually have enjoyed some of his post-Dream Theater endeavours (Planet X and his solo work). He's also used my favorite guitarist, Steve Lukather, and one of my favorite drummers, Simon Phillips, on his solo material. So that helps. I remain somewhat guardedly optimistic about this project.

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