April 20, 2010



A little something from five guys who are still slightly ahead of their time.


Dan said...

Great band and still touring to this day but without Jon Anderson. Its too bad they cant resolve their differences. I understand Jon is touring solo now as well.

Bond said...
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Bond said...

OK, let me try this again as I referred to the wrong solo album the first time

Love the band...got to spend a day with Rick Wakeman when he was doing the tour for his solo effort Journey To The Center Of The Earth in 1974...what an incredible man...we interviewed him on the radio, then hung out backstage and had perfect seats for the show, then went and drank beers until early in the morning.

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Got to see them in 1991 for their Union tour, which was members of the original band and the 80's band. Great show! It was in the round so we got to see them from all angles.

Sean Coleman said...

Dan-I agree, it would have been nice to have had Anderson on board for the 40th anniversary tour, though I understood that health issues prevented him from going out with them.

Bond-Drinking with Rick Wakeman? That must have been a fun evening.

Mike- The Union tour was cool, though the album suffered from too many alternate players overdubbing parts.

Anonymous said...

excellent stuff

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Keep up the good work, it was a pleasure to view the footage

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