April 14, 2010


George got it right when he wrote this song about big government taxing the hell out of us. No matter where we turn a tax is collected. Enjoy the song and lament along with me to this classic and timely tune. Paul is on lead guitar on this one, by the way, oh and Stevie Ray Vaughan does a killer version also.

Hope you all are caught up with your taxes!



Bond said...

one of my favs

Sean Coleman said...

"And my advice for those who die,
Declare the pennies on your eyes"

I think Lennon contributed that line. Black humor at its finest.

Barbara said...

Dan, oh is it that time of year? submitted, received back and spent my tax return months ago...

Sean, absolutely.

Bond, its a classic!

Max Moscardi said...

the taxman menace !
"be thankful I don't take it all"

Perplexio said...

I've heard horror stories of people who leave the US and live and work abroad for years then return to the US and the IRS comes after them for the back taxes on all the income earned outside the US while they were living abroad.

Such an appropriate song for today! Thank you for posting.

Dan said...

This was also the first time George was given the opening song slot. They knew it was a good one and yes, John did help with the lyrics. He was special with the one liners, wasn't he?
Most people get there taxes in early but for those of us who usually owe it is always put off until the last minute. A lot of post offices around the country will keep their doors open until midnight with workers collecting payment at the curb.
Perplexio, I had not thought of that. Was that why The Rolling Stones were exiled to France for a time?
At least we got rid of the Tea Tax, or did we? ;>)

Bhaskar Khaund said...

"If you take a walk i'll tax your feet " :) One of my fav Beatles tracks - yeah , i like the SRV cover too !

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