April 15, 2010

Hey All You Rock and Rollers Out There - are you READY? Ready for something KEWL and FREE?

If you get out your Webster's or Merriam's and look up any of these words:


you will see this:

Joe Heuer, aka The Rock and Roll Guru is a man who embodies those adjectives and many more (some I won't mention....).  Plus I can say this for a fact:  Joe's a nice guy.  AND he lives what he talks.  I got to meet him last summer and see him in action - interviewing musicians, reviewing concerts and still taking time out to hang with little old me and introduce to me to my favorite (living) guitar player:  Davy Knowles!!  The dude has more energy, passion and rock and roll knowlege than any one person should be ALLOWED to have!

But the "kewl" thing about Joe is he shares the love, the passion, the energy AND the philosophy that got him where he is (getting paid to have fun and do what he loves!)

So, take advantage of his latest book - he is offering a FREE download.  Free as in - you don't even have to give your name or email, you hit the link and it there on your harddrive in seconds, I just did it!
You can find this fantabulous book on his groovy NEW AND IMPROVED website.  While your over there getting the free stuff check out his latest  video post that explains more about the  book.

I want to be like Joe when I realize I don't have to grow up!

The next few days I will share some excerpts from the book cause whether or not you're work involves "Customer Loyalty" the book is full of rockin tidbits we can all use!



rockandrollguru said...

You rock, baby!! Thanks so much for your kind words. Hugs & Kisses!!

Dan said...

He is truly a cool dude who is passing on his love of Rock and Roll to many others!

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