October 21, 2009

I feel bad for not posting more often

This blog has been neglected lately and I miss writing here.  The truth is, I haven't been listening to any new music, and hardly any old music.  I'm in some sort of musical limbo or something.  I've given most of my on-line attention to the blog about my son and reading the blogs of other parents of addicts.  The support and hope and strength I get from those things is priceless to me.

I am going to try really hard to catch up on all your blogs soon.  I've been reading some but just can't find the words to comment most of the time.

I will be back to "normal" soon.  I am still trying to sell the U2 tickets but will go if I have to.  Its just one of those weird times of life, this too shall pass.


classicrockforthesoul said...

We know you've got tons going on right now, Layla.
You just focus on you right now and get back to rockin' when you can! :)

I'm thinking about you.

The Girl in the Orange Background said...

Yeah, everyone has times like that. Don't worry too much, you'll find inspiration soon :)

Perplexio said...

Just keep on, keepin' on.

You've got a lot on your plate right now so don't worry too much about blogging. Unless of course you're looking for a "break" from all the other stuff, then blogging about music might be just what the doc ordered. But in the end you know what's best for you far better than any of the rest of us do.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate them.

Dr. Deb said...

I've been struggling with keeping the posts coming too. I am toying with retiring from blogging. We'll see if the tide turns that way.

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