February 27, 2007

Pete Townsend has a Blog!

This is so cool - Lately I've been thinking about picking up the guitar and learning how to play. I haven't played in years so it will be a challenge, but I just FEEL the need, the passion, the desire - to not only HEAR music, but to make some of my own.

Here is the cool part - all day long I was doubting this, listening to the negatives in my head "no, don't bother, you'll never be any good, you're too old, it's just a passing whim, you won't practice..."

Then - I got a SIGN! I ran across
Pete Townsend's blog.

Don't you agree that's a SIGN!!! I am totally jazzed and can't wait to get my guitar and start playing! '
Check out Pete's blog, as my friend Rick says, "The best part is his profile: "I'm in a rock band." How's that for understated elegance?"

I left him a comment - watch him stop by here, I'd die!!

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Mike said...

been there and done that!...I like the fact I can read a blog from one of my heroes....and he just maybe will read mine!

Layla said...

Ya never know!

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