February 8, 2007

Classic Rock Quiz

Ok, I am not going to reveal my score on this - it was PATHETIC. Its listed as a "tough" quiz and it is. In my defense....some of the questions are not really related to music - like who knows when Stevie Nicks was born? Although, I can tell you off the top of my head that Bruce was born 9/23/49 :)

Here's the LINK

For an extra point - does anyone recognize these guys:


Wonderboy said...

I think that's a picture of Grand Funk Railroad. The link to the quiz doesn't seem to work.

Jeff said...

Unfortunately the link isn't working for me

Robert Ethier said...

Mark Farner, Mel, and Don Brewer from Grand Funk!!!!

My first cousin, Craig Frost, was in Grand Funk back in the day. Craig and Don are with Bob Seger now. Don is still an awesome drummer

Layla said...

Well, dang, that's a bummer that it didn't work I will save you the trauma of getting a low score...unless you want me to try again !!!

Let me know!

Layla said...

Hey Wonderboy and Robert - who are you guys? Thanks for stopping by!!!

Come back!

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