January 20, 2007

Who's Your Favorite Drummer of all Time?

LOVE IT: John Bonham Solo

I always wanted to be a drummer. I had a roommate that had a drum kit set up in his room and whenever he wasn't around I'd pretend I was John Bonham or Neil Pert. I never got too good. Anyhow I found this, its not quite the same but you can make some cool sounds with it: Drum Machine


Russ/rfduck said...

Ahh, drummers, one of my favorite musical topics! My personal fav drummer is Mitch Mitchell of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The man was just so amazing in his abilities. Second place, just barely, is Keith Moon.

Layla said...

Hey Russ, good to see ya!
Mitch is my number 3 and Keith is my number 4!

Jeff said...

Ohhh I was having fun with this, I got pretty carried away with it lol, but I feel I made a pretty cool beat.

José Carlos Santos said...

some of my favourites include:

jason roeder from neurosis
mike terrana who just left rage
hellhammer from a lot of norwegian bands
dave lombardo from slayer
mike bordin ex-faith no more and ozzy's band

Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

Jose, I love your choices here, bro. Love Neurosis and well, everyone else there too.

For a long time, it was Eric Carr, then Dave Lombardo, but since I've been playing drums VERY casually (i.e. I stink), it's the jazz drummers like Art Blakey, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, as well as those amazing Japanese thunder drummers Kodo that really get me going.

Smoking Christian said...

Once you saw Keith Moon, there could be no other choice.

Bruce said...

You know who my favorite is, I'm sure. In fact, I call him the Drum God... Neil Peart.
I'm old enough to have seen/heard a hell of a lot of drummers in my time, and I can say without any hesitation, that he is the best ever. I'll give you a guy that is very underrated... Ron Bushy of Iron Butterfly. His solo on Inna-Gada-da-Vida, alone, is worthy of more than faint praise.

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