January 31, 2007

Is the David Lee Roth Rumor True?

If it's not true, maybe Van Halen can get Ashlee Simpson to join in and no one would know the difference!


Perplexio said...

To really pull it off, she could lip sync to Roth's original vocal tracks! She's already proven herself to be quite adept at lip-syncing.

Heck either way it would be better than listening to David Lee Roth attempt to relive his former vocal glories. From what I've heard from those who have seen/heard him live in recent years, his voice is completely shot and he sounds really bad!

Layla said...

Gee thanks, Darrin, spoil my dream of seeing him again :(

But I would imagine that no matter what his voice is like, he is probably not able to jump five feet in the air and do the splits anymore...that was CLASSIC!

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