October 5, 2005

Pearl Jam

When you put Pearl Jam in Google Images this photo comes up. Kinda interesting.

Beckeye has a great review from their concert the other night. She had a helluva time getting there (good story) but she made it.

(They covered one of my all time favorite Springsteen songs, Promided Land, how cool is that?)

I don't listen to a lot of Pearl Jam but want to get more acquainted with them. Trying hard to break out of the 70's/early 80's and expand my horizons. Old music habits die hard.


David said...

its the Ghost Of Jimi
yeah -
thats what I like !

BeckEye said...

How odd...I've never seen that picture!! Now, if I had found out that the ghost of Jimi actually did show up for that concert in Philly, I would've been REALLY pissed that we were so late!

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